Ramara and Brechin

  • Ramara is on the shoreline of Lake Simcoe and Couchiching and the passage between the lakes is known as the Narrows.
  • A national historic site of first nations fishing weirs is located in the Narrows.
  • People have been fishing here for over 5000 years.
  • Scientists discovered wooden fishing spears stuck deep in the peat moss underwater, the age of the wood indicated it had been there for thousands of years, placed there by the very first native settlers.
  • Portage pathways have brought people to Lake Simcoe and the Ramara area for several hundred years.
  • Champlain traveled the water and portage routes through Ramara over 400 years ago
  • This was before any paved highways, so they relied on railroads to bring people here.
  • A century ago Brechin’s population was 250, it had 3 railway stations
  • The population of Ramara was 9488 as of 2016